Your Flight...

We meet before first light to allow us to fly in the perfect conditions around sunrise. Phaway’s complimentary Mercedes minibus will collect you from your hotel and bring you to the launch site where you will be offered tea and coffee, and be given a short pre flight briefing.

Our professional pilots and expert crew will keep you informed throughout, and invite you to participate should you wish. It takes about thirty minutes to inflate your balloon, and once ready you'll be invited to climb aboard.  A full passenger safety briefing is given before take off.

We launch early to be part of the sunrise. Your flight lasts around an hour and the views are spectacular. Upon landing we celebrate with a delicious champagne breakfast, share memories and enjoy new friendships. The whole experience lasts around 3 hours and afterwards we return you to your hotel.

Year round flights - We are based in Ayllu de Solcor, San Pedro de Atacama and are resourced to offer flights all year round. Fridays, weekends and Mondays can fill up quickly so we recommend you book early.

Weather - The Atacama’s mornings are ideal for ballooning. The best time to fly is at sunrise when conditions are perfect and allow us to offer you a spectacular and safe flight. Afternoons in the desert are usually too windy to fly.

Occasionally when conditions dictate, we will cancel a flight. We understand that it is disappointing if your flight is cancelled. Please be aware that we make this decision for reasons of safety, as it is Phaway’s company policy to always put safety first. If your flight is cancelled due to unsuitable conditions you will be given the option to rebook for another day or receive a full refund. Please see our Terms & Conditions.

Clothing -  Please dress appropriately for the morning, keeping in mind desert mornings start cool and warm up quickly. Layered clothing made from natural fibres is best. We recommend clothing in darker colours as lighter colours may get dusty or dirty. We also recommend you bring a cap, beanie or hat along.

Temperature - Your flight will not be any colder than it is at the launch site before take-off. The balloon flies with the wind and climbs above cooler morning surface winds so it is often warmer aloft during the flight than it is on the ground.

Footwear - We recommend enclosed footwear, such as you’d wear on a desert walk. Our launch and landing sites can be dusty, rocky or uneven. Flip Flops are discouraged, and high heeled shoes are not allowed.

Cameras & Phones -  We recommend you bring your camera as there are great photo opportunities. Phones should be set to silent and just used for photography. Cameras and valuables accompany you at your own risk. 

Bags - We are weight limited and require you to minimise baggage. Also the fewer items that you take on board the flight the more room you will have to move in the basket. You are welcome to leave extra bags and items of clothing on the minibus which will meet you at the landing.